Photoshoot in the Flower District with Jules and Mila.

Whenever I get the opportunity to photograph a model, I always try to bring energy.  I feel the models out, and vibe off of them.  Quiet, shy or reserved have never been words to describe me.  Of course personality types are different, but yesterday's shoot with Jules (@jewelz.combs) and Mila (@mila_owens) was exceptional.  We make a good team. The entire shoot was extremely energetic.  

We started our shoot at FD Photo Studio in the flower district right outside of downtown L.A. (  It was my first time reserving that particular studio.  I was impressed.  I reserved it for an hour and got a couple of photos on their white background using a couple of alien bees that the studio provided.

After leaving the studio, we just walked up and down the street searching for spots to get look book photographs. The more we shot, the more comfortable they got with one another.  I'm always behind the camera, but I can only imagine how tough it is to "sell"  a specific emotion or idea in a photograph for a model.

I capped the day off with a "Killer photograph" of Mila backlit by the setting sun. It was just one of those moments.  You see it.  You stop the model and you shoot it.  I was really happy with the photograph. 

Overall the day, was extremely successful.  I'm constantly looking for models to team up with and help  build my portfolio.  Follow Jules and Mila @jewelz.combs and @mila_owens.  Follow me @photographybyadubb.